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Ian Allen CD Review

| January 25, 2006

Ian Allen
Nova’s Lounge
(Mia Mind)

Points for being a former NFL lineman and going in a direction you’d never expect.

For all the homogeneity attributed to jock culture, football players sure are a motley bunch. Some are preachers, others are criminals. Some do Chunky Soup commercials with their moms, others get to ogle nude Nicollette Sheridan. Some entertain careers as gangsta rappers, Ian Allen digs on trancy lounge. There’s nothing embarrassing on Nova’s Lounge, but there’s nothing terribly essential. Allen maps out plenty of room for his space pad and moves with far more grace than you’d associate with unis for the Giants, Cardinals, or Eagles, giving him far more credibility than you’d expect. As far as if he has a second career in this — that’s why we play four quarters.


— Kevin Keegan

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