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Peeping Tom

| May 31, 2006 | 0 Comments

Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom

Guest-loaded, long-awaited Mike Patton project might be his first work in years to appeal to conservative Faith No More fans — maybe.

A run through the credits — DJs/producers Kid Koala, Dan The Automator, Anticon, Amon Tobin, Massive Attack; croon princesses Norah Jones(!) and Bebel Gilberto — certainly won’t suggest anything remotely FNM. Opposed to Tomahawk or Fantomas, however, Patton consistently springs out of the mix with a nostalgia-inducing vocal melody. He lures Jones into harmonizing “motherfucker” on the moist “Sucker” and completely dominates Rahzel on “Mojo.” Dub Trio sound downright metal spinning the anthemic “We’re Not Alone” and even Massive Attack are forced to up the downtempo for “Kill The DJ.” The only track not intrinsically Patton, “Caipirinha,” owes itself to the sultry bossa nova of Gilberto. Even then, it’s epic.


Steve Forstneger

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