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Stage Buzz: ChillFest

| November 13, 2013



The latest in Wicker Park’s campaign to lure customers to its shiny boutiques?

Here comes ChillFest, a pop-up music/shopping event organized by the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce (read: local business owners). That’s right: In an act of near-Shakespearean irony, the shops responsible for driving unsigned musicians out of Wicker Park fifteen years ago will host a fresh crop of acoustic crooners this weekend.

Over 100 artists will play sets in 30-some-odd Wicker Park/Bucktown storefronts, stretching from Radiance Fine Jewelry all the way down to Alliance Bakery. Are you due for a mani/pedi at MGO? Schedule it during Joshua Whalen’s set. In the market for some new frames? Browse Spex to the hum of Briana White. Fresh out of Zignature® Grain and Potato-Free Pet Kibble? Stop by Doggy Style Pet Shop and hear a few bars of Justin Ruff’s downy falsetto.

ChillFest is free, and runs from Noon to 6pm on Saturday 11/16.

ChillFest afterparty begins at 7pm.  Details:

Saturday @ Milwaukee Ave., North Ave, Damen Ave., Division St., and Western Ave. in Chicago – Free

– Matt Pollock

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  1. Paul Grachan says:

    I’m not totally sure the folks at Ready Coffee, Alliance Bakery and Jerry’s had torches and pitchforks running after reverb soaked noise bands in 2000. The public simply discovered a great area which drove demand which drove prices higher. It’s hardly ironic that this festival is taking place here, it’s simply perfect. WPB is embracing, recognizing and reconnecting with its roots that ultimately were responsible for the rise of its popularity. It’s the only neighborhood in the city to do so and that should say something about the merchants who have chosen to take part. Contrary to popular belief, success does always equal uncool and bad and WPB is a pretty big proof point in the city of Chicago.