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The only thing that cuts diamonds . . .

| October 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

It’s October 5th, and Everyday Is Halloween continues with Rodney Pawlak’s recollection of this King Diamond/Mercyful Fate moment.

When I was a really young kid, I told my parents I was going to a friend’s house to watch horror movies one Halloween night, but instead I jumped in my car and headed into the city to see Mercyful Fate at the Metro [in 1984]. It was an incredible, life-changing event. I didn’t think that a lot of people were into the band back then, but it was packed. Afterwards, we headed north on Broadway for a pizza place to begin the long trek home. The city was full of all kinds of interesting people walking the streets, many wearing costumes, so I did not think it was too much of a big deal when a big guy carrying a large axe walked up next to my car at a stop light. We were jamming out to the Melissa album on full blast when I noticed him hoist it above his head to attack. I hit the gas hard and rushed through a red light, but not in enough time before he slammed it into my Camaro’s new paint job. I hit the brakes and spun around completely freaked out. I watched the man run across the street and instinctively geared to go after him, but then common sense kicked in. Needless to say evil was in the air that night, and things weren’t much better the next day trying to explain the huge dent in my car’s roof to my parents.

– Rodney Pawlak

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  1. Dave says:

    Wow that was a night you will never forget ! I saw that concert too in ’84 but in my hometown of Quebec City, it was awesome though a bit…deranged, the things King did to that doll with his crossbones Microphones !!!

  2. Ned says:

    Yeah and you forgot to mention WHO was sitting in the passenger seat of your Camaro, Rodney? it was me, your old metalhed buddy from back in the day, Ned…thankfully you hit the gas pedal when you did, otherwise that axe would’ve gone through the roof, or side window, slamming right into “yours truly”! Had that happened, I probably wouldn’t be around today to write this comment…lol!

    FATE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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