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Hello, My Name Is Paul

| June 28, 2007 | 0 Comments

Hello, My Name Is Paul
Q&A With Paul Stanley


IE: You went to high school intending to be an artist, right?
Paul Stanley:
Yeah, the one that movie Fame was based on. There was two parts to the school. One was performing arts and the other was music and art. So I went there for art.

IE: Then music lured you away?

PS: You know, music was always my passion, but people from the very beginning were telling me that it was, you know, the chances were slim and none. But people who tell you it’s impossible, they’re usually the ones who failed. I always loved art so I concentrated more on that for awhile but it led me back, ultimately, to music.

IE: But you just started going full bore with painting about five, six years ago?

PS: Yeah, about six years ago. Over the years I had designed album covers for us and designed stages, but in terms of applying pen to paper, or pen to canvas, I hadn’t. But about six years ago, I was getting divorced and one of my best friends said four words which were enlightening to say the least. He said “You need to paint.” Something about that really hit me. I literally went out and bought canvases, paints, brushes, easels, and had no idea what I was going to do.

IE: So how do you describe your style?

PS: It’s abstract acrylics. For me, I would rather have something that anybody could make the connection to without having to intellectualize or think through what something is or if it’s accurately depicted. I’m a big believer that art is for everybody. Many people are intimidated by the idea that their opinion is not schooled or educated and therefore it’s not valid.

IE: Did you encounter any “Oh, there’s the rock star trying to be a painter” attitude when you first started doing exhibits?

PS: I’m sure that exists, and I could care less. The bottom line to me is if people acquire what you’re offering, then it’s valid. The other people are either jealous, envious, or think their role in life is to tell people they know more than they do. I’ve never lived by those kind of rules. To me, art is for everybody whether you have a trailer, or an estate. I just think so many people miss out because of intimidation, and there’s nothing to be intimidated about. You don’t need to know anything to know what you like.

IE: Do KISS fans behave themselves in art galleries?

PS: Sure! Art is more part of our lives than some of us may realize. I think it’s probably fascinating for some KISS fans to see what I do, and maybe it gives them a sense that they should try. I think so many people would find they’re capable of so much more than they originally thought if they would just give themselves a chance.

— Trevor Fisher

Paul Stanley will appear at the Wentworth Gallery (5 Woodfield Shopping Center) in Schaumburg July 22nd.

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