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Spins: The Outfit “Go”

| April 18, 2024

The Outfit


(Pavement Entertainment)

On its third full-length album, Go, local rockers, The Outfit continues its infectious blend of catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and a hybrid of Cheap Trick meets Foo Fighters influences. Chicago veteran sound engineer Matt Mercado returns for this release, as does Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer and mixer Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Static-X, White Zombie, Deftones), giving the album its pristine clarity with just enough grit to pleasing results. Kicking things off with “Monster,” the band—featuring brothers Mark (drums) and Matt Nawara (guitar), Mike Gorman (bass), and Andy Mitchell (vocals/guitar)—tear into the track with careful nods to their aforementioned influences. Decorated with a melodious KISS-esque chugging ’80s riff, magical vocal harmonies, and a hummable chorus, the opening track possesses all the characteristics this band has become known for.

Tracks “Arrival Of Jane,” with its slower tempo, and “Big Eyes” (not a Cheap Trick cover), show a familiar flair for soaring ’80s/’90s rock. “Go,” “Fire Eye,” “Mountain,” and “You Say” complete the originals of this nine-track, 31-minute album. Displaying their affection for Cheap Trick, the band successfully tackles a rousing cover of “Elo Kiddies.” Although The Outfit’s rendition of the Sex Pistols’s “God Save The Queen” is decent enough, do we really need another cover version of this track? Besides, I would’ve rather have heard another original song instead. With the exception of this minor complaint, *Go* captures The Outfit’s musical maturity the band has continuously displayed over the past several years.

-Kelley Simms

8 out of 10

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