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Stefy Reviewed

| August 30, 2006

The Orange Album
(Wind Up)

Sleaze-pop hopeful Stefy Rae does the right thing.

Often bullheaded young bands blatantly rip off an older artist and refuse to admit it. “I don’t hear it,” is a favorite denial, as is “We’ve never even heard of them.” Well, young Stefy’s debut, The Orange Album, bears striking resemblance to the music of another O.C. alum, Gwen Stefani (Stefy . . . Stefani . . . hey!). But in the chorus of “Orange County,” Stefy namedrops her heroine. That’s pretty much fucking O.K. with me. Musically, Stefy has more retro-pop tendencies than No Doubt’s West Coast rocksteady or Love Sex Music Baby‘s overdose on Tokyo neon. “Where Are The Boys” belongs on a Euro-dance compilation, and “Cover Up” will blind you with science. The Baroque leanings of “Lucky Girl” are the first respite from the sugar rush, and the album pretty much goes downhill from there; ol’ Gwennie would be proud, though.


— Kevin Keegan

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  1. Lana says:

    STEFY is awesome. Enough said.

  2. Drucifer says:

    Kevin Keegan, the listed reviewer seems to think Stefy falls short of Shakespeare. No Sh#*! She isn’t trying to write in iambic pentameter. If Keegan would lose a little contempt he might come to the profound conclusion that her genre of music is for entertainment value – not artistic revolution.
    Thank You Stefy. You effectively entertain. Mission Accomplished.
    As for Keegan he succesfully performs his role – Sardonic critic – forced, sarcastic, pr#*k.