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Goat Reviewed

| August 30, 2006 | 0 Comments

Twisted Heart
(Engine Room)

Still early in his career, Goat, aka Anthony Rosen, is on the slow track to becoming a Bruce Cockburn.

Formerly a major-label client, Rosen makes singer-songwriterish classic rock with way too much maturity for this stage in his career. Take “Come Today,” off his third album, Twisted Heart, and prop it against his peers: It’s relatively free of youthful enthusiasm and libidinous overtones. It’s heavy in a tone sense, and his weary vocal doesn’t suggest hard living, just a lot of it. Maybe being the son of former Cleveland Indians all-star Al Rosen has something to do with it — the Rosens are inherently old school. Is Steve Tyrell looking for an heir?Anthony Rosen is the old soul of performers, someone even dirty electric guitars of “Monster” fail to sully, but seems more at home in the post bop of “Twisted Heart.” There must be something at fault. There’s always a goat.


— Kevin Keegan

Appearing: August 31st at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago.

Category: Spins, Weekly

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