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Spins: Repentance • The Process of Human Demise

| September 12, 2023
The Process of Human Demise
(Nobel Demon)
Local metal journeyman Shaun Glass (Sindrome, Soil, The Bloodline, Dirge Within, Broken Hope) has been an integral and crucial part of the Chicago metal scene for decades. With his “new” band Repentance, Glass has been highly prolific since its 2018 formation by releasing an EP and two full-length albums. On The Process of Human Demise, the quintet continues its brand of modern melodic groove metal on its 12 blistering tracks, which include four previously released tunes from the band’s 2021 Volume I – Reborn EP updated with new vocals. Produced by Alex Lackner (Lazarus A.D.) and mixed and mastered by Chris Collier (Prong, Korn, Fear Factory, Metal Church, et al), The Process of Human Demise delivers a contemporary studio approach with an aggressive, up-front edginess, especially with the vocals. At the heart of the tracks are massive chugging riffs created by the mad scientist Glass, while Eric Burns provides methodical guitar leads.
The tracks are further anchored by the meaty rhythm section of bassist Eric Karol and drummer Brandon White. Vocalist Adam Gilley (Product of Hate) lends a commanding presence behind the microphone, accompanied by dynamic, gang-chanted backing vocals and vicious harmonies. The anthemic “Reborn” features a guest guitar solo by Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu, while “Withered and Decayed” features ferocious guest vocals by new Fear Factory vocalist Milo Silvestro. From the relentless Pantera-esque riffing of “Buried by Fear” to the menacing mid-paced “Down in the Water” to the ominous opening melody of “A Grave for the False Ones,”
Repentance has created a full-range metal album that stands beside the current modern metal scene yet soars above it. With a new lineup, a new label, and a new album, Repentance has magically morphed into a dominating modern metal force.

-Kelley Simms
Rating: 8 out of 10

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