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Photo Gallery: Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds and Negative Approach at the Vic Theatre • Chicago

| March 27, 2022

Circle Jerks
Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL
March 25, 2022

Words and photos by Curt Baran

It’s was a big night out for the aging punk rockers (stares deeply into a mirror). The initial plan was for the Circle Jerks to embark on a tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their 1980 album Group Sex. Unfortunately, for the West Coast Hard Core punk quartet, Covid had other plans.

So, in pure, punk rock fashion the band chose to adapt and overcome. Two years later, they’ve finally hit the road to celebrate the 1982 release Wild In The Streets, conveniently released four decades earlier! Their current, 28-date road trip landed at Chicago’s Vic Theatre Friday night.

Also in tow, for what amounted to a Hardcore High School reunion, were scene favs 7 Seconds and Negative Approach, which meant that, collectively, the bands would play 300 songs in half that number of minutes. Just kidding (sort of).



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