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Photo Gallery: Bush and Live at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

| September 8, 2019

The ’90s were celebrated in full force on Friday night. This year marks the 25th anniversaries of two records: Live’s Throwing Copper and Sixteen Stone from Bush-that emerged from that decade’s “alternative” scene. The previous quotation marks are certainly tongue in cheek, seeing as how there was nothing out of the ordinary about distorted guitars being played loudly during that era’s six-string renaissance. The former employed a loud-soft-loud blueprint that leaned heavily on Emo-inspired emoting. The later, at the time derided for copping to its cliched Grunge aping, would go one to become a massive, radio-friendly unit shifter. Even the tour name (“The ATL-imate Tour) recognizes the absurdity with a wink. Those in attendance at Tinley Park’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, of which there were many, were most likely unconcerned with such petty semantics. Quite obviously, there were simply there to delight in their sounds of their youth.

Words and photos by Curt Baran

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