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Photo Gallery: Sloppy Jane at Happy Gallery

| April 6, 2018

L.A. collective Sloppy Jane are equal parts rock show/performance art/traveling circus. Lead by resident hellion Haley Dahl, the band’s size can shrink or swell at will. When they touched down at Happy Gallery this past week, the impossibly huge ensemble crammed bodies and musical instruments into an improbably small space. Of course, no matter the size, Dahl has a tendency of breaking down that fourth wall between audience and performer. Whether spitting up blue green bile, climbing atop amplifiers, serenading a television set showing ’70s Saturday morning children’s shows or sliding serpentine-like through the crowd she never once allowed for complacency. The result was an unconventional, riveting, in-your-face display of free will. Curt Baran pointed his camera at the proceedings, pretending, all Factory-like, to remain nonplussed.

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