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Photo Gallery: AC/DC @ Wrigley Field

| September 16, 2015
IMG_0622webAngus Young (photo by Curt Baran)

Australia’s AC/DC steamrolled their way into Wrigley Field Tuesday night on a picture perfect evening for outdoor music at a baseball palace. The quintet essentially has been reduced to one original member (guitarist Angus Young), though lead singer Brian Johnson has now been with the band longer than the tenure of original vocalist, Bon Scott. Personnel changes certainly have not stopped from using a tried and true formula they’ve been using since their formation in 1973.

The standard blueprint for this band is a thundering back beat fueled by a locomotive worthy rhythm section that allows Young, still donned in schoolboy garb, to solo manically over songs about sex, drugs and rock and roll. And that is precisely what the band delivered over the course of a two hour performance that included hard rock staples like “Highway To Hell,” “Hells Bells,” “Back In Black,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and a guitar solo soaked “Let There Be Rock.”

When it was all over, there were quarts of spilled beer left on the lawn of the Friendly Confines, copious amounts of sweat, and even an interlude involving a neck tie playing a guitar. All of this on a school night? Your next day detention was never more worth it.

R&B saviors Vintage Trouble ditched third period French to help get things started.

– Words and photos by Curt Baran (additional photos as shown by Ed Spinelli)



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