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Stage Buzz: IE/Dynasty Podcasts – SXSW 2015 Diary

| May 18, 2015


Dynasty Podcasts SXSW 2015 Interview Album With Chicago Artists + Industry
Jaime “Black” de’Medici

At SXSW 2015, Dynasty Podcasts host Jaime Black interviewed Chicago’s premier artists, industry makers and
ambassadors, at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth and showcase, as well as at locations across SXSW
Interactive and Music, for Illinois Entertainer . Collected here is the complete edition of those interviews. Find the #ChicagoMade SXSW 2015 interview album below.

– All interviews hosted by Jaime Black and produced by Audrey Sutherland .

CVU360 – Harper Reed
Chicago entrepreneur and tech star Harper Reed kicks off Dynasty Podcasts’ SXSW 2015 interviews, in a chat
recorded at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth. Reed delves into the origins and ambitions of his new startup,
Modest , shares his thoughts on the role of Chicago industry in the larger national conversation, and reveals exactly
what he loves about Chicago in 2015.

CVU361 – Chaz Ebert
Chaz Ebert, of Ebert Digital, Ebert Productions, and The Ebert Company, reflects on her SXSW panel, The Future of
Film Criticism: Diversify or Die , and details the efforts to diversify the voices at . Ebert also
shares her enthusiasm for Chicago as a cultural hub, and discusses the upcoming Ebertfest film festival.

CVU362 – TechNexus
In an interview recorded at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth, Terry Howerton of TechNexus discusses innovation
and adaptation in Chicago’s startup scene, and reveals why he believes entrepreneurs should be solving harder

CVU363 – Nusiki
Onsite at the SXSW trade show for their own booth, Tim Welch and Ben Hewitt of Chicago startup Nusiki open up
about the purpose of the musicsharing app. The duo also reveal the backstory of their startup and how the project
came together, and share why right now is such an exciting time to be at the intersection of music and tech in

CVU364 – CIMMfest
Josh Chicoine of the annual Chicago music and film festival, CIMMfest checks in at SXSW to reveal how he’s seen
the Austin, TX festival change over the last ten years. Chicoine also previews components of this year’s CIMMfest
programming, and discusses transitioning from his work as a musician in projects like The M’s and Cloudbirds, to
developing and organizing a festival like CIMMfest.

CVU365 – Music Dealers
Music Dealers CEO and cofounder Eric Sheinkop returns to Dynasty Podcasts at SXSW, following his interview at
the conference last spring to promote his recent book, Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World’s Smartest
Brands. Now, in 2015, Sheinkop reflects on recent Music Dealers accomplishments, including the company’s First
$15 Million landmark, as well as their collaboration with Airbnb . He also offers his take on why Chicago is the
perfect city to anchor Music Dealers, even as the company expands into new markets.

CVU366 – ProbCause
Following his performance at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth, Chicago MC ProbCause shares his love for
touring and performing in front of both new and returning audiences in other cities. The artist also names the acts he
sees coming up in Chicago, and reveals details of his ZRO FOX collaboration with Psalm One .

CVU367 – Gemini Club
Prior to soundcheck at the #ChicagoMade SXSW showcase, Dynasty Podcasts regulars Gordon Bramli, Ryan
Luciani, and Dan Brunelle of Gemini Club ( pictured above ) return to the show following their Lollapalooza 2014
appearance . The trio open up about the latest behind the scenes action in the Gemini Club camp, from new music
on deck to looking for the right deal to move forward with.

CVU368 – Dos Santos: AntiBeat Orquesta
With only a few minutes to spare before their soundcheck at the #ChicagoMade showcase, the members of Dos
Santos – Irekani Ferreyra, Alex Chavez, Daniel Villarreal Carrillo, Jaime Garza, and Peter Maestro Vale – weigh in on the diverse sounds of Chicago’s music scene. The act also touches on their just released full length, Dos Santos .

CVU369 – Twin Peaks
At the #ChicagoMade showcase, the Twin Peaks squad – Cadien, Connor, Clay, Jack, and Colin – reflect about life
on the road, and how touring has become the new normal for the band. The group also reveals what they do when
they have time off at home, and share their thoughts on graduating from the “baby band” label.

CVU370 – Mike Golden
Cross-genre Chicago singer/songwriter Mike Golden shares new details about the evolution of his musical identity,
and the sound and focus of his newlybranded Golden project. The artist also gives a window for when new his new
music is set to drop, and talks about the art of making bar and barbecue music.

CVU371 – Bernie Levv
Chicago talent Bernie Levv makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut, opening up about the intent and ambitions of her
forthcoming full length, The Golden Hour. Levv also reflects on how Young Chicago Authors impacted her craft,
and states why Chicago doesn’t have anything to prove to either of the coasts.

CVU372 – Michael Renaud (Pitchfork Media)
In an interview outside Mohawk on Red River, Pitchfork Media’s Michael Renaud delves into his role as creative
director of the worldwide music brand. Renaud offers his thoughts on the site’s quarterly publication, The Pitchfork
Review, explaining how the online brand approached longform print journalism in a digital world. The SXSW panelist
also spoke to Pitchfork’s Chicago roots, and why the city is home to the site’s annual summer festival.

CVU373 – Heather West (Western Publicity)
SXSW veteran Heather West makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut in an interview recorded at the Austin Convention
Center, prior to her mentor session. The acclaimed, now Chicago-based publicist reflects on her Austin roots, and reveals
what SXSW was like in its earliest days. West also shares what’s she’s excited about in Chicago in 2015, and hints at
new developments happening with this year’s Riot Fest .

CVU374 – JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
JC Brooks and Jeremy Tromburg of The Uptown Sound and side project The K.I.D. reveal how changes in the former group have re-energized the band, while hinting at the direction of the latter project. The frontman also shares his
thoughts on The Uptown Sound label Bloodshot Records , as well as the status of new Uptown Sound music on the

CVU375 – Xoe Wise
Chicago singer/songwriter Xoe Wise returns to Dynasty Podcasts to spill the latest on both her self-titled
solo project, as well as her synthpop Kinky Love outfit. Wise reveals details on her forthcoming Racecar Orgasm: Foreplay EP, as well as its long playing companion, Racecar Orgasm.

CVU376 – Archie Powell & The Exports
Following up on his Riot Fest 2014 appearance, Archie Powell revisits the podcast with Ryan Export , to share what
they love about SXSW. The duo also open up about the highs and lows of being in a band, as well as offering
thoughts on new Exports music in the works.

CVU377 – Rebecca Brunner
Up and coming Chicago singer/songwriter Rebecca Brunner shares details about her musical upbringing, and how
she knew she was headed towards singing from an early age. Brunner also weighs in on why right now is such a
great time to be an artist in Chicago, and previews her ambitions for new music on the way.

CVU378 – Lili K.
Joined by her band mates William Kurk, Matthew Skillz, and Myron Cherry, Chicago soul artist Lili K. visits Dynasty
Podcasts barely an hour into her SXSW trip. The artist discusses her reasoning for going the DIY route as her own
manager, with her band weighing in on the experience of making the group’s new full length, Ruby .

CVU379 Towkio
Over a hotel breakfast at the start of the day, Towkio opens up about everything going on in his world, from his
forthcoming .Wav Theory mixtape, to collaborations with Chicago electronic act Louis The Child . The MC also
shares his thoughts on Chicago’s music scene coming up, and reps for his collaborators in SaveMoney .

CVU380 Holt
In a hotel lobby midday interview, Chicago’s Nigel Holt opens up about the difference between his Holt and
Hollywood Holt styles and projects, and how and why he separated the two. The artist also shares his thoughts about
Chicago’s place and community in the larger musical conversation, weighing in on Glass Lux and Perfect Kiss , Fall
Out Boy , Flosstradamus , and Kanye West .

CVU381 Glass
Lux Alfonso Mayen, Emily Morse, and Leo Saucedo of Glass Lux reveal their experiences working with Holt on his new
music, and share their excitement around the group’s upcoming Millennium Park show.

CVU382 The O’My’s
In the midst of SXSW Music, Maceo Haymes of The O’My’s opens up about the anxiety and reward that comes with
venturing into new cities on tour, delves into the group’s new Keeping The Faith EP, and recalls a lifechanging
car accident that helped move him and the band forward.

CVU383 Khori?
Rapper Khori? shares his experiences alternating between St. Louis and Chicago as a home base, and discusses
some of the trials he’s gone through as an independent artist.

CVU384 Rapper Chicks

The trio of Psalm One (a.k.a. Hologram Kizzie), Angel Davanport, and Fluffy connect with Dynasty Podcasts to
discuss their goals in cultivating a creative community in Chicago. Each artist also shares details of their own
individual projects, including Psalm and ProbCause ‘s ZRO FOX project (more on that in the ProbCause interview).

CVU385 Genevieve
At the end of SXSW 2015, Genevieve checks in with Jaime Black to discuss all the recent changes in her life, from
moving from Chicago to LA, to pursuing a brighter, more vibrant sound on her new Show Your Colors EP. The
singer/songwriter also reveals what it’s like when she returns to perform in Chicago, and shares how she’s embracing
her new found creative freedom.

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