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Stage Buzz: Seahaven

| February 21, 2014


Seahaven – Bottom Lounge 2/22

Depending on which incarnation of Seahaven you prefer — the noisy 2011 version or the placid 2014 version — they fit perfectly between their two headliners (the positively vicious Touché Amoré and positively spacey mewithoutYou (plus Caravels)). Birthed in 2009 in Torrance, California, Seahaven have undergone something of a facelift recently.

Though the quartet rose to alt-rock prominence playing a gloomy blend of pop-punk, emo, and (at their darkest) grunge, Seahaven’s forthcoming sophomore LP Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only (reviewed in IE’s March 2014 issue) takes a serious turn for the breezy.

This musical ambidexterity makes Seahaven a particularly fun live act. Just as lead singer Kyle Soto lulls the audience into a trance with some half-sung, half-mumbled lust-sickness and a single, reverberated guitar, his band will tear through the calm with the umph of a Pacific tidal wave. Not to get dramatic; by no means did Seahaven invent the quiet-loud-quiet M.O., but they’re sure as hell keeping it alive.

@ Bottom Lounge, Chicago:  5 p.m. Saturday 2/22  (Sold Out)

– Matt Pollock

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