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Stage Buzz: The Innkeepers

| January 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Strong percussion and gnarly guitar chords mark 2012’s The Piper Cub EP by garage-poppers The Innkeepers. Frontman, John Roeser, writes lyrics that take on a rebellious tone. Whether running away from the corporate life or controlling parents, he supports his words with just the right instrumentals. “The Beachcomber,” lives up to its name with a bit of surf. Breezy rhythms combine with punchy rhymes and fast-picking guitar solos throughout the album. Grungy “Piper Cub,” is supported by dreamy lyrics about flying over mountains, while intense riffing gives “$1000” a rough edge. (Friday@Schubas with Soft Jolts and Swearwords.)

— Mary Scannell

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