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| October 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

All the way from the land Down Under come two Aussies, Julian Hamilton (keyboard/vocals) and Kimberley Moyes (drums/programming). With backgrounds in classical music – both studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music – and their love of ’80s pop, The Presets took their talents to an electronic level and released Pacifica (Modular) in September. Their third studio album kicks off with a bubbling electronic keyboard and pounding baseline in “Youth In Trouble.” “Ghosts” is reminiscent of their classical origins, but also carries those recognizable and inspiring pop vocals. In “Promises,” Hamilton takes it away again with his voice and keyboards. Just bring on the dancing drums and we’re brought back to the decade of ill-fitting suits and excess. But it’s not all lovable ’80s pop. The Presets like experimenting with how deep into the electronic underworld they can take their music. Songs like “Push” and “A.O.” dip further down into the depths of electronica, leaving the bubblelgum behind. While most of the album has a reverberating baseline mixed with lighter keyboard notes, some songs are more airy, like “Fall.” Others have audience-revving vocals, like “Surrender.” And still others are, at the very least, really well named. “Fast Seconds” gives the feeling of sitting in a room with a ticking time bomb. (Thursday@Metro.)

— Mary Scannell

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