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The Watson Twins preview

| August 18, 2010

Space, Evanston
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beauty shouldn’t be a motivating factor when choosing what music to listen to. Sure, advertisers and savvy marketing gurus utilize the allure factor when trying to sell the latest pop tart to the masses, but most music lovers would like to think their ears can discern greatness beyond outward appearance.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to feel guilty about indulging in both the physical and aural beauty of The Watson Twins, as one trait fails to usurp the other. Hailing from Louisville, the raven-haired identical sisters bring a sophisticated, yet down home feel to their second full-length release, Talking To You, Talking To Me (Vanguard). As Chandra and Leigh trade off vocals, instigate seamless harmonies, and tease with the smallest lilt or curled vowel, the album’s 12 tracks cement the twins’ place as formidable songwriters and not merely Jenny Lewis’ novelty backup singers.

In addition to their similarly soothing voices, Talking To You, Talking To Me possesses a secret weapon in the form of the cracker-jack band backing the girls on nearly every song. Everest’s Jason Soda and Russell Pollard (also Chandra’s hubby) produced the record and lent their indelible talents to the proceedings culminating in the album’s standout track, “Midnight.” Combining both the sisters’ black-velvet purring with the rambunctious, groove-laden jam session DNA of Everest seems like a tepid idea on paper, but succeeds in practice. The sultry “Devil In You” could serve as Don Draper’s theme song while “Modern Man” goes decidedly vintage.

— Janine Schaults


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