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Mini Britney!

| January 30, 2008

On The Down Low

Normally we would be ashamed of ourselves for using a title like “On The Down Low” for a news piece about a 4-foot-2-inch woman. But since Terra Jolé, or “Mini Britney Spears,” doesn’t mind the attention given to her height, we don’t mind pointing it out.


“Doesn’t mind the attention,” actually, is an understatement. Jolé, who gained semi-fame for the MTV show “True Life: I’m A Little Person,” is cashing in on it, and we say more power to her. Her Web site even says “Mini Diva, Mega Booty” (it also states Jolé is “the littlest Britney Spears tribute performer in the world” – as if we wouldn’t have guessed). Mini Brit, along with the Rum Runners, will be part of Joe’s (940 W. Weed, Chicago) Mardi Gras Madness celebration Friday night. What’s the *big* deal about a tiny Spears act? C’mon! Everything is better in mini form (Mini cheeseburgers from Ruby Tuesday; mini muffins; Bushwick Bill), and that goes for musical tribute acts. Just look at Mini Kiss, or imagine Mini Radiohead, Mini 50 Cent, or Mini James Blunt. O.K., that last one will still be deadly boring.

Jolé doesn’t look a heck of a lot like Britney, or sound much like the pop tart (though, judging by the video clips IE watched, she at least sings live), but hey, she’s short, pretty, and plays the role, minus the terrible parenting, nervous breakdown, and scumbag boyfriends. What else could you want during Mardi Gras?

– Trevor Fisher

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  1. That’s really great! I love to see pop culture parodies like this. Sounds like Terra Jolé has a good thing going with her Britney act. Best of luck to her!