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File: December 2007

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It must take effort to convince a county court that putting two children in the custody of Kevin “Popo Zao” Federline is a wise decision. But that Britney Spears is on a run of hijinks that’s making Scooby-Doo cringe. To recap, one of eight drug tests she actually made it to (she has allegedly skipped six) reportedly came back positive for amphetamines. But you can’t expect her to know how to spell that, much less know what they are. Even more ambiguous to her is this whole “stop light” thing. Beverly Hills supposedly has video of Spears running a red with her babies in the backseat, mixed in with reports of rolling over the feet of three people. Good news did befall the “troubled pop star” (PC term for idiot) when a paparazzo, chasing her on a motorcycle, was struck by another photographer (also on her trail) in a Range Rover. Paparazzo plus a motorbike? That’s 700 points!

The Thrill Isn’t Gone

On December 4th, Thrill Jockey Records will release their 15th-anniversary box set 15 years to the day of my 15th birthday. I remember it well: I got two teeth pulled after school and slept over at a friend’s who had two video games: “Altered Beast” and “Sonic The Hedgehog.” Sadly, neither is included in TJ’s box set. But still: So weird, right?

First the box set. Based on a Blast First idea from 1989, the label has assembled a nine-disc, 180-gram 7-inch single package of Thrill Jockey bands covering Thrill Jockey artists. Among the 18 tracks are Tortoise getting their hands down Nobekazu Takemura’s “Fall’s Lake,” Arbouretum sweating Thalia Zedek, The Sea And Cake take a bite of Califone, John Parish also takes a crack at Califone, Howe Gelb chases Parish, and the last one we’ll mention is David Byrne versus The Fiery Furnaces.

Then there’s a whole show goin’ down. Spread over two nights, December 14th and 15th (two days to which I have no pivotal connections), Thrill Jockey will emboss a party upon Logan Square Auditorium. You can only score $50 two-day passes (which spares us scolding them for not printing a detailed schedule) to see a lineup including Adult, Bobby Conn, Eleventh Dream Day, Pit Er Pat, Trans Am, The Zincs, as well as some suprises and the folks involved in covers from the above paragraph.

Happy birthday — avoid any dentistry if you can.

Got Wood? Yes, Yes We Do

Chicago has been on the map since, like, the 19th century or something, but if it hadn’t been already the 2007 MTVU “Woodie” Awards on November 8th in New York would have helped. Reeking of Windy City like the starchy waft that occasionally chokes sections of I-55 near Brighton Park, The Academy Is snagged the “Viral Woodie” for “creating a stir on the Internet” and whipped out two songs from this year’s Santi (Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic). The door was shut on Common, though prior to his nomination being read Lupe Fiasco was joined by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump on his new single, “Surprise.” And then off-screen (probably) Ashlee Simpson kissed Pete Wentz! Dags ‘n’ sassages fer everyone, my friend.

— Steve Forstneger

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