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2 Bit Pie Reviewed

| January 31, 2007 | 0 Comments

2 Bit Pie
2 Pie Island
(One Little Indian)

Masterminded by Fluke’s Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler and producer Andy Gray, 2 Bit Pie give the No Limit crew a run for their guest-spot money on this techno debut.

On an aggressive dance bent throughout, Bryant, Fugler, and Gray don’t have dinner parties on their minds for 2 Pie Island. “Here I Come,” featuring the cat-like Jan Burton motors too quickly for the track’s pent-up sexuality to peek through. The following “Colours” drags a distorted bassline beneath a neo-goth blanket, while they go overboard with Royal Opera soprano Dilshani Weerasinghe on “Soto Mundo,” and spill a bucket of industrial waste. “Little Things” takes the foot off the gas temporarily by cozying up to early Massive Attack, though hardly seeming derivative in the larger context. Unfortunately, 2 Pie Island then slips away in an indistinguishable jumble, failing to seize upon any lasting ideas.


— Kevin Keegan

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