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Giraffes preview

| May 31, 2006 | 0 Comments

The Giraffes
Logan Sq. Auditorium, Chicago
Thursday, June 1, 2006

Apparently The Giraffes don’t like Chuck Eddy.

Maybe can’t fucking stand Chuck Eddy’s guts is more like it. Although we weren’t able to dig up any evidence, Eddy (longtime music critic and author of The Accidental Evolution Of Rock ‘N’ Roll: A Misguided Tour Through Popular Music and Stairway To Hell: The Best 500 Heavy Metal Albums In The Universe) must have penned a whopper of a bad review about the New York hard rockers. Not only does the band blame Eddy for the death of rock in their bio, but if you checked out the “News”section of The Giraffes’ Web site in early May, you were greeted with one item in enormous font that referred to the recent termination/resignation of Eddy from *The Village Voice*: “Chuck Eddy has been fired. I can’t wait to see him on the street begging for change so we can shit in his mouth.”

Thank goodness we enjoyed last year’s self-titled Razor & Tie debut, because we aren’t fond of eating shit. Sweaty, unapologetic hard rock (or “cock in the mouth rock”, as the band elegantly refer to their sound), though, we enjoy. And that’s what vocalist Aaron Lazar, guitarist D. Paris, drummer Andrew Totolos, and bassist John Rosenthal deliver with amps-cranked-to-11 bravado. Their tunes are skimpy on bells and whistles but loaded with riffs, recalling The Cult, early-’90s Corrosion Of Conformity, and present-day Clutch. Plus, rumors of a ferocious, loud, grimy, beer-swilling, rock ‘n’-fuckin’-rollin’ live show pop up in almost all the band’s press coverage, and even Chuck Eddy must love a great rock show.

The Giraffes open for Eagles Of Death Metal.

Trevor Fisher

Click here to download The Giraffes “Having Fun.”

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