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The Dredg report

| May 12, 2011

This much has always been known about Dredg: the band has long resisted the shackles ready to be attached to it. The phonetic spelling suggests nu-metal, use of interludes and segues exposes classical/art-rock tendencies, and Gavin Hayes’ vocal wanderings push the prog ends of emo.

But few would have predicted what it has become. Its fifth album, Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy (Superball), retains some of the pretense but ditches almost all the distorted guitars. Dredg hasn’t always been about splitting your jaw on the curb, and the esoteric wail of both Thom Yorke and Jeremy Enigk have never been far away. But Chuckles will really test its fanbase, undoubtedly creating one half that will contend, “What a bunch of sellouts,” while the other defends, “You just don’t get it.” Making concessions to their bravery should be compulsory. In another universe, Radiohead did pretty much the same thing. (Saturday@Bottom Lounge with The Dear Hunter, Balance & Composure, and Trophy Fire.)


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