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Photo Gallery: Sarah McLachlan • Huntington Bank Pavilion • Chicago

| June 12, 2024

Sarah McLachlan

Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL

June 11, 2024

Recap and photos by Curt Baran

If you closed your eyes, it was as if you’d been transported back to 1994. Sarah McLachlan began singing “Possession” from her Fumbling Toward Ecstasy album from that year and it sounded as if her voice had been cryogenically preserved and unleashed three decades later. McLachlan has hit the road to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her most successful release.

Its AAA vibe captured the ears of an audience that would go on to help birth and support Lilith Fair, the all woman tour that seemed absolutely unfathomable at the time, but would go on to prove to the naysayers that women could indeed produce profits at the concert box office.

So on a beautiful night in the shadow of Lake Michigan, McLachlan reminded those in attendance that the music was initially popular because the songs were built to last. Divided into two separate sets, the first collection of songs were an overwhelming reminder that her catalog and career runs deeper than simply one storied release. But Ecstasy was definitely what the people came to hear. It was delivered with precision in sequential order. Although it could have come off as a paint by numbers moment,

McLachlan’s charm and stage presence made the moment feel like a reunion of old friends who, upon reuniting, see the forgotten years melt away and precisely where they last left each other.

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