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IE Rewind: Photo Gallery – Van Halen @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre July 24, 2015

| October 6, 2020
IMG_7651David Lee Roth and Edward Van Halen

The revolving door that is the Van Halen lead singer slot continues to fall on co-founder David Lee Roth. The tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship made it back on the road for a tour stop at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater on Friday night. Arguably the last clown prince of ’80s rock is part of a line-up that now features Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang replacing original bassist Michael Anthony (also a victim of said revolving door). Not to worry, because VH has essentially become the Eddie Van Halen Experience. The legendary guitarist continues to amaze with his dexterity, tone, and downright acrobatic playing style. Roth might have once been the Clown Prince of Rock and Roll, but it’s Eddie who now owns (deservedly so) the spotlight. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, a slick six-string maven in his own right, started the evening’s proceedings. IE’s Curt Baran brought earplugs, but once again forgot to put them in. Here’s what he captured before the eardrum aneurysm began.

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  1. Trey says:

    Your an idiot. There is no revolving door, and for your to say there is, is simply disingenuous. Since the bands first release in 1978 there have been only three vocalists and two bassists. Also, insistence in referring to Roth as the “clown prince” is just childish. While his voice is a shadow of it’s former self, he was once the unmistakable god of all rock front men.

  2. FGFM says:

    The opening’s act last name is Shepherd.

    Corrected, thanks. — Ed

  3. Terrence Healy says:

    Eddie Van Halen is the picture you see in the dictionary when you look up PRICK, ASSHOLE and hard to work with. The Reason the original members came and went is not because of anything else.
    He trained and hired his son because he can control him because he is family. David Lee Roth realized if he wants a paycheck, he will have to keep his mouth shut and SONY gave Mr. Van Halen a choice, either hire david back or be dropped from the label. Their Last album sucked so bad there is not equal vacuum in space. I can write better Van Halen Material than his burned out ass can even think of.

  4. DumDum says:

    Good call IE! Roth-Sammy-Gary-Roth-Sammy-Roth = Revolving Door. Trey does not know his math like you guys!! I thought Clown Prince was pretty nice wording. I would have used Princess as he has become quite comfortable being gay these days – not that there’s anything wrong with it… With EVH constantly shooting of his classy mouth and Roth can’t sing for shit, there is no wonder these guys need Groupons and Live Nation sales to fill the seats. Good luck VH! You are so lucky to have Trey and all the other fans that are blind to your BS.

  5. 1whowasthere says:

    Anyway…. it was a fun concert. Just go and have fun. Lots of great songs. It’s just music.

  6. Skip says:

    David Lee Roth comes from a wealthy family. He doesn’t need a paycheck. Secondly, he wrote the lyrics to the songs he sang for the most part. Also a sign he doesn’t need a paycheck. What I’ve seen from interviews, behaviors, that David LeeRoth is just flat out happy and the van Halens are miserable. Not saying they still are unhappy but knowing ego its probably true Eddie has never done anything about his ability to be insufferable based on being unhappy. He first hid it in alcohol. Although Roth did his fair share of drugs and things, you could tell it wasn’t based on covering some emotional problem. Eddie on the other hand, via ex wife Valeries and his interviews seems to just be flat out unhappy. That’s the main problem of Van Halen, Eddies ego to over compensate for being miserable. But yes, VanHalen is one of the few examples of mega rockers where the guitarist is just as important as the lead singer, and actually more important as demonstrated by the Hagar years. Not sure why Eddie would ever give a damn who gets what press about this and that. We know his guitar is the band. Why doesn’t he just sit back and let the fools be fools? He’s unhappy, period.