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Stage Buzz Promo: “Live From The Lot” – Local H, Hairbanger’s Ball, Smells Like Nirvana August 6-8

| July 22, 2020

Last we saw Local H, they were pioneering one of the first drive-in social distanced concerts in downstate Gibson City. In a summer where you’re never quite sure if you’re going to see your favorite bands because of safety precautions, we’re happy to announce that Scott Lucas and Ryan Harding are performing much closer to home at Duff Entertainment’s “Live From The Lot” Concert series on August 6, 7 and 8 at Schaumburg’s Boomers stadium. 

This year was supposed to be a huge touring season for Local H in support of the acclaimed new album LIFERS, but because of COVID-19, Local H’s touring plans have been limited to only a few shows. Besides tracks from their vaunted catalog, the band is treating fans to a 5 pm performance of their breakthrough album, 1996’s As Good as Dead (“Bound for the Floor,” “High-Fiving MF,” “Eddie Vedder”). Lucas told the Chicago Sun-Times that “playing a drive-in show is a dream come true.” You can be a part of it on August 8th, at 5 pm and 8:30 pm.

Live From the Lot kicks off on August 6th with esteemed Nirvana tribute Smells Like Nirvana and August 7th with longtime ‘80s Metal tribute Hairbangers Ball.

The concert series is sponsored by WKQX and Duff Entertainment. The event is designed to give music fans the live show experience, while still maintaining social distancing. Think concert-meets-drive-in-movie. Fans can watch the show in folding chairs, and they can dance, etc. in the ten-foot zone space to the left of their car.

Tickets, including VIP, are available for each day via this link.

– David Gedge

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