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Stage Buzz: Misery Signals

| July 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

After almost four years stuck in side-project/member-change limbo, metalcore champions Misery Signals have taken to the road in support of their upcoming crowd-funded LP, Absent Light – the band’s first full-length release since 2008. Fans riding the wave of excitement and apprehension so typical of a long-time favorite returning from hiatus have nothing to worry about. Last week, Misery Signals debuted the first single from Absent Light, “Luminary,” to a near-salivating crop of followers. The track is positively evil. Lead vocalist Karl Schubach‘s performance is the song’s most petrifying attribute, although his deft noisemaking can’t quite be classified as singing; the only verb that comes close to describing what Schubach’s up to is disgorging. The rest of the band is equally up to (tuff) snuff, churning out characteristically syncopated, dissonant chugs that are somehow simultaneously drudging and airtight, hideous and melodic. If “Luminary” is any indication of what Misery Signals have been up to for the past four years (probably chewing on nails) Absent Light is sure to satisfy their patient fans. (Wednesday@Reggie’s.)

– Matt Pollock

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