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Interview: Brian Wilson

| May 1, 2012

IE: Are there any that you’re more excited to approach than others?
Brian Wilson:
Not really. Well, “California Girls” I look forward to, and “Good Vibrations.” I look forward to those.

IE: Is there anything about those songs that you don’t get to touch on in your newer material?
We try to put all our heart and soul into everything.

IE: You mentioned Joe Thomas was your main collaborator. What about the others?
Well, they’ve all had their input, you know what I mean? If I thought Bruce would be better to sing [one part], he might have said, “You sing it, Al.”

IE: So the collaborative spirit was there.

IE: Are you making improvements on the old songs?
Yeah, we’re trying to make them sound just as good as they did then.

IE: Has there been any conversation of the legacy of the band and how it fits into today’s climate?
We said we’re not real current; the music isn’t today’s kind of music. But it’s just as good or better than the music of today.

IE: What’s your barometer for that?
Harmonically, I guess. Just the harmonies. It’s got the energy, too — there’s a lot to it.

IE: Can you notice recurrent themes in the music you’ve made through the years? Certain melodic signatures, etc.?
Not just the harmonies, but the melodies are good. The lyrics are very interesting, you know?

IE: Have there been any challenges in putting this together?
We’re challenged to make it sound good.

IE: Are you a perfectionist in that light?
Yes I am. I’m a perfectionist in the sense that I don’t want the guys to sound crappy. And they’ll say, “We sound good.” Sure, we sound good, but we can’t sound crappy.

— Steve Forstneger

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