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Connventional war

| May 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

If Bobby Conn were as big as Oprah, the national association of mac-and-cheese producers would be lining up to fight him. His home release show is Friday, as are the first TopGolf “Let’s Play” party, ALO, and Haley Reinhart’s post-“Idol” blitz.

On Macaroni, Bobby Conn‘s Fire Records debut, he builds on his cannonade from 2004’s The Homeland with a broadside on American culture. The title track uses the cheesy comfort food as a metaphor for deep-rooted complacency, and he later laughs that love of war is our real reason for overseas military excursions — gas-guzzlers are just a happy byproduct. Despite his alien-of-the-art-world mystique, Conn’s music has always suggested a T. Rex disciple who just happens to make sense. (Marc Bolan often did not.) Macaroni is no different, a futuro metal-funk-electro hybrid that pulls from equal parts Zappa, Prince, Parliament, and 808. (Friday@Empty Bottle with Cave and Starring.)

If you snowmobile on an opposite pole from Conn, you might find yourself at TopGolf this weekend, for the musical launch of this summer’s “Let’s Play!” campaign that ends August 31st. “Patiopalooza” Fridays start with Covergurl, who’ll be teed up by a full raft of food, drinks, and putting greens where you might find yourself more relaxed than usual. (Friday@TopGolf in Wood Dale.)

Despite a name that’s an acronym for Animal Liberation Orchestra, ALO‘s strong affiliation with environmental activist Jack Johnson seems more to be with Johnson’s taste for beach music. Sounds Like This (Brushfire) really belongs in Chicago in the half of the year when it isn’t so pleasant outside, filled with genteel lapping beats, coastal warmth, and a nymphomaniac’s lust for good times in the past. (Friday@Martyrs’ with Chris Kasper and Infantree.)

This weekend also marks the homecoming of Wheeling’s Haley Reinhart, the “American Idol” finalist whose Interscope debut, Listen Up!, came out Tuesday. She’ll be signing autographs at her neighborhood WalMart and then performing a free concert at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown. (Saturday@Hard Rock Cafe.)

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