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Wow, what a game!

| February 5, 2012

It hasn’t even started yet, but we know everyone’s thrilled to root for the guy who made a jerk of himself when he was drafted, versus the guy who’s already won it enough. New York against Boston! No one’s tired of that! Cleanse your spirit with Red Wanting Blue or Asteroids Galaxy Tour this week.

An insane number of snobs believe that a number of bands are successful because they have fans who don’t really like music. They point to Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic, The Fray, Augustana, and maybe down the line hate will spread to Red Wanting Blue. It’s easy to tick the boxes on last month’s From The Vanishing Point: easy-going, unassertive acoustirock chord progressions; rhyming “missed” with “kissed”; a hint of muscle to convince male fans that they’re not a date away from a Katherine Heigl film fest. Yet some of those same critics will line up to pay homage to the mindless inanity of LMFAO. Sometimes it’s best to leave your hangups at the coat check. (Tuesday@Schubas with Jeremiah Higgins.)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour might sound like a package deal — an idea that could be applied to the band’s cornucopia of sounds. The Danes recently swept Europe with their future funk, a pulsating marriage of Deee-Lite and Junior Senior. Out Of Frequency banks on ’60s soul in a way that has led some to compare frontwoman Mette Lindberg to Amy Winehouse, but more often she recalls ’50s torch singers — one who just got caught up in the groove. (Tuesday@Lincoln Hall with Vacationer.)

— Steve Forstneger

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