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Clean the wall when you’re done

| April 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Accept fans quietly rage when they run into people who only know the band for their biggest hit, “Balls To The Wall.”

The German band did release two earlier albums that were more in line with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal — speedy, aggressive — and never intended to become the teutonic AC/DC. They’ve also issued music since, and are currently on the road behind last year’s Blood Of The Nations (Nuclear Blast). The new album worried longtime fans, because it’s also a showcase for new vocalist Mark Tornillo, who replaced the iconic (and diminutive) Udo Dirkschneider. Whatever your reservations about Tornillo’s voice (which is much more classic metal in vein), the heaviness of the record cannot be disputed. Some have called it Accept’s Painkiller, in reference to the 1990 Judas Priest album that redefined the band’s image. (Friday@Bottom Lounge with Sabaton.)

A night earlier comes another band whose current incarnation bears little resemblance to its formative years. The Appleseed Cast originally pulled its emo hair out to the strains of Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral, but have since adopted more ambient textures that wash guitars in layers of reverb and effects. A new EP, Middle States, continues the trend that more or less started with 2003’s Two Conversations. The sprawling, 14-minute “Three Rivers” has a lot in common with post-rock heroes Explosions In The Sky, only holds the crescendos underwater by their necks. (Friday@Bottom Lounge with Muscle Worship.)

And speaking of nearly unrecognizable emo holdovers, even Davey Von Bohlen‘s wiggling hips can’t give away that he once fronted The Promise Ring anymore. Maritime‘s fourth album — which, by the way, equals the PR’s discography — still bears Von Bohlen’s pure-pop fingerprints, dunking them in the guitar wash and adding modern, indie-dance beats. Human Hearts (Dangerbird) has a tendency to feel processed — “Black Bones” alternates being kaleidoscopic and nauseating — but heartsleeves power pop, like closer “Apple Of My Irony,” is never far away. (Friday@Empty Bottle with Tin Tin Can and The Nothingheads.)

Finally, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum will host a family Earth Day benefit. The entry fee for Earth, Wine & Fire includes dinner and some drinks, and will also feature live music by C.C.M., Carla Starla, Jaik Willis, Brian Daniele Billie, Miguel Moya, Chris Limitless, and Cindy Houston. DJs, fire breathers, belly dancers, and a poetry slam will also take place. Visit for more. (Friday@ Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (2430 N. Cannon Drive).)

— Steve Forstneger

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