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Gear: December 2010

| December 1, 2010

iMS-20 Synth Application

Since, according to a Gallup poll, the Apple iPad is the most requested gift this holiday season, Korg and other manufacturers have come up with some great full-size apps for musicians who like to push buttons and tinker. Following the April release of the iElectribe virtual analog beatbox for iPad (which continues to be a top seller at the iTunes store), Korg has unveiled a new app based on classic Korg synth instruments. The new, intuitive iMS-20 Synth Application transforms users’ iPads into complete analog synth studios with a detailed recreation of the vintage Korg MS-20 semi-modular analog synth, along with a built-in 16-step analog sequencer, based on the Korg SQ-10. A variety of additional new features, including an analog drum machine, mixer, dual Kaoss pads and direct access to the SoundCloud audio platform, makes this application ideal for electronic musicians and those who like music programming. In addition to being an electronic-music production studio, the iMS-20 can function as a versatile performance instrument as well. It is equipped with dual Kaoss pad control surfaces, one for note creation as made famous by Korg’s series of effects processors. Users can share their music via Sound-Cloud, which provides a way to publish songs or to collaborate on new music with friends anywhere in the world. Audio data exported by the iMS-20 app can be quickly published and shared, and users can access the SoundCloud server directly from within iMS-20. Think of what it can do for band longevity if musicians don’t have to deal with each other in person! It’s available for download purchase at Apple’s App Store for an introductory $15.99 until January 31st, 2011, when the price will increase to $32.99. For more information, including a full list of iMS-20 specifications, visit

Ultimate Ears
In-Ear Reference Monitor

Ultimate Ears, a popular choice among top touring musicians, has teamed up with EMI Music’s Capitol Studios to design the first custom In-Ear Reference Monitors for use by professional producers and audio engineers. These new earphones are perfect for those looking for pure sound without interference while working in-studio. They provide reference-quality, flat-frequency response for ultimate accuracy when recording, mixing, mastering, or discerning music listening. Ultimate Ears’ monitors also feature -32 dB of noise isolation, which eliminates acoustic interference that often exists in studios. Since only high-fidelity audio is delivered directly into the ears, engineers are always positioned in the “sweet spot,” ensuring that they are hearing the tracks as they were produced, mixed, or mastered – authentic and precise. Additionally, these earphones are exceedingly portable, making it easy to play back and mix music in a variety of settings, including recording studios, with portable laptops and in live venues and rehearsal studios. Unfortunately, they require a hefty $999. It costs you to be an early adaptor. Visit for all the details.

Pearly Gates Series Guitar Pick

The new Pearly Gates Series is made of V-Picks‘ newest, most unique blend of acrylic material yet. Its textured grip sticks to your fingers, wear is minimal, and it still gives guitarists the fat, thick sound that V-Picks has made its priority. Plus, the pearl pattern makes them easier to find on a dark stage or crowded studio. One of the pearls will cost you around $4, a fraction of the anguish from finishing a song with the edge of your thumb. Visit for details.

— David Gedge

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