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As one of elder statesmen of the burgeoning alternative rock explosion in the early ‘90s, North Carolina’s Superchunk’s speedy, punk-rock anthems captured the imagination of indie-cool slackers and collegiate hipsters reckoning with the all-consuming conquest by Nirvana, and grunge in general.

Big, soaring melodies and shout-along choruses had a communal vibe that immediately felt more genuine and less cynical than the manufactured hype surrounding Seattle, while still retaining a confrontational and explosive energy – there was plenty of rebellious attitude streaking through the music – and it sounded best blasted at maximum volume. Almost two decades on, hardly any of those first-generation bands survive; “grunge” and “alternative” are terms largely ignored or marginalized; yet Superchunk lives on, integrity, credibility, and most importantly, musically intact. Boundless energy and pummeling hooks are still mainstays of its repertoire, and its latest, Majesty Shredding (Merge) could credibly be considered its best album. With a back catalog as thick and diverse as Superchunk’s, you probably won’t hear every one of your favorites, but Superchunk never fails to deliver live, and the set time is likely to click close to 90 minutes. (Thursday@Metro with Times New Viking.)

— Patrick Conlan


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