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Pleasure Or Pain?

| June 9, 2010

Thursday, June 10th

We have no idea what the town will look like tomorrow. Maybe we’ll be covered in the blood-red water of Daley Plaza. Maybe nervousness will be pervasive. Our heads will hurt. But the shows go on.

If you need a woman’s arms to cradle your weary head, First Aid Kit (how’s that for appropriate) and Samantha Crain might find their timing to be very opportunistic. More the former than the latter, however. First Aid Kit’s Klara and Johanna Söderberg aren’t old enough to drink in this country, but exude a folksy warmth you’ll only find indoors when the Swedish winter hits. The Big Black & The Blue (Wichita) follows a spate of recent releases (The Unthanks come to mind) where harmonies and passion dictate the score; dulcimers, acoustic guitars, etc. only add color. Crain’s no bully, but You (Understood) (Ramseur) isn’t out to make you feel good about your condition. Like a folk-rockin’ Cat Power, Crain’s obsessed with communication (or lack thereof) on her new album, unable to keep from exposing her own motives as she carves her lovers up as well. (@Schubas)

— Steve Forstneger

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