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Stars Of Track And Field

| October 25, 2006 | 0 Comments

Stars Of Track And Field
Centuries Before Love And War

This indie-rock band began as a four-piece before losing their bassist. Instead of following the traditional route of finding a replacement, they decided to remain a trio and go digital.


Jason Bell (guitar/vocals) changed his frame of mind with this new setup, saying, “I’m thinking in bleeps and blurps these days as much as I used to think in kicks and snares.” Stars Of Track And Field adapted well by incorporating analog and digital samples from a variety of sources such as Aphex Twin, D’Angelo, The Beatles, and Built To Spill. Their debut LP, Centuries Before Love And War, is an inventive hybrid of evocative and blissful tunes with phases of puzzling despair that is simply a light and lovely collection.


— Jill Haverkamp

Appearing: November 1st at Double Door in Chicago.

Category: Spins, Weekly

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