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Everyone Is A DJ

| April 28, 2006 | 0 Comments


Numark‘s new iDJ2 is a fairly substantial and welcome remake of the original iDJ with a unique iPod docking system. The latest version allows users to play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod while still controlling music mixes with real-time scratch, pitch, seamless loop, and full cueing. Numark also reworked the original design so users can now connect large storage devices like USB hard drives through the rear panel to store additional music files. Besides USB connectivity, the iDJ2 includes line inputs for additional sources including microphones, CD players, and turntables. iDJ2’s new, oversized LCD screen also offers a waveform display and visual-track profiling, and a feature that allows DJs to record their performances to the iPod or any connected hard drive. Numark is not only billing the iDJ2 as a mixing console/portable DJ system, but also as the perfect podcasting (“taped” Internet broadcast) workstation. Besides Apple’s iPod AAC/DRM format, the iDJ2 also supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC (non-DRM) formats. Though the original caught many a DJ’s eye, it was limited in its functions; iDJ2 seems to be the real deal. It will be available in mid-summer, and price is rumored to be in the $500 range. Check out www.numark.com for more information.

Podcasting Kit

With podcasting continuing to gain popularity and no end in sight, Alesis‘ new Podcasting Kit takes the guesswork out of setting up your Internet broadcast by bundling the job into two easy-to-use packages: one for computer users utilizing a USB audio interface, and another for those (mostly) with Macs using a FireWire connection. Included in the packages is a microphone with a desktop mic stand and cable, Steinberg’s Cubase LE recording software that enables musicians to compose songs, along with what Alesis calls a “comprehensive podcasting application for the creation and management of one’s podcasts.” In layman’s terms, it’ll get you going with all the stuff you need. Included is the MultiMix 8 USB mixer with two channels of simultaneous record capability, while the FireWire mixer features eight channels of simultaneous recording capability. You could podcast a regular morning zoo with those features! The mixers offer what you’d expect: four high-gain mic/line inputs, onboard effects, and three-band EQ per channel. For more information, visit www.alesis.com.

TRM-6 Ribbon Mic

Joining the slew of boutique manufacturers introducing new ribbon mics, Nady announced their new “Tube Ribbon Microphone,” the TRM-6. “Combining the sound of a classic ribbon mics with the warmth and uniqueness of an internal tube preamp,” Nady boasts the TRM-6 will offer “unmatched tube audio at levels higher than that of ordinary ribbon mics” that can be used with all mixer inputs (without a preamp). The mic allows both front and rear recording, with extended sweet spots as compared with large diaphragm condenser mics. The TRM-6 offers all the trimmings: a carrying bag, a shockmount and windscreen, power supply, cable, and aluminum flight case. No price has been set as of press time. For more information, visit www.nady.com.

– David Gedge

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