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Fuel Holding Tryouts For New Vocalist

| March 29, 2006 | 2 Comments

95 WIIL ROCK is sending someone to Los Angeles to audition for post-grunge rock band Fuel. Turns out they’re looking for a lead singer and the radio station is sifting through locals, finding the diamond in the rough and providing one lucky someone with airfare and hotel accommodations to meet the band and possibly become the new Brett Scallions.

The three-round process begins with an open audition April 5th at Austin’s Saloon And Eatery in Libertyville. Bring a photo ID because registration is on-site between 7 and 9 p.m. After a random drawing, auditions begin at 9 in front of a judges panel. Contestants will be backed by Propane, a full live band, as they sing one of six Fuel songs: “Shimmer,” “Hemmorhage,” “Bad Day,” “Bittersweat,” “Sunburn,” or “Falls On Me.” The top 12 contenders will then be invited back for a second performance on Wednesday, April 12th, where they’ll be able to sing two Fuel songs of their choice. From there the final four will be invited for the last round which will take place on Wednesday, April 19th.

For more information visit Fuel’s Web site www.fuelweb.com or WIIL Rock www.95wiilrock.com. Good “Luck,” maybe one of you will soon find yourself “a million miles away” from where you are now.

And, if the idea of playing a Fuel song is completely over your head, hit their site and familiarize yourself with the material: You have a few days before April 5th.

— Angie Maldonado

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  1. Joe Apicella says:

    Hey Angie!

    Do you have any idea what the dates on the final LA auditions will be?


  2. W. Bryan Cordle says:

    My name is Bryan Cordle and Fue is one of my favorite groups. I am 30 years old and would like to tryout for the band personally, Im not an ugly man, and I can sing better than most men in the world. (I am Married with no children.)If fuel is looking for a front man they may like to check me out if anyone can arrange a meeting for an audition, my phone # is (434) 917-2768. I have prior experience in entertainment. I was in the Group “Voices of Virginia” when I was in High school with the Governors Magnet school for the arts, I won all my High school talent shows, and sang in front of ten thousand people a solo from Bryan Adams -Everything I do I do it for you.I can sing, God gave me that gift, and I thank him every day for it. If you wanna meet me, holler back at me before you make your choice. you never know it could be me.

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