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Herbert reissued

| November 29, 2006 | 0 Comments

100 lbs

Arriving almost apologetically, Matthew Herbert’s first three EPs and some bonus tracks come with a caveat.


“I’m definitely not embarrassed about it,” Herbert says in the bio, “I’ve just moved on.” Hardly persausive words for the potential viewer, eh? As the sheet goes on to profess, the treat in the 100 lbs reissue is the bonus disc, comprising remixes and B-sides. The DJ received a steady amount of praise for this year’s Scale — which has few obvious ties to the rather straightforward clubisms represented here — and so the back catalog has been dug up to satisfy completists. Can’t say they’ll be too pleased. 100 lbs is perfectly competent house/trance: robotic, patient, Kraut, extremely repetitive. Herbert knew he could do better, and eventually he would.


Kevin Keegan

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