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Photo Gallery: Olivia Rodrigo with Chappell Roan • United Center • Chicago

| March 20, 2024

Olivia Rodrigo with Chappell Roan

United Center

Chicago, IL

Tuesday, March 19

Recap by Riley Vernon. Gallery by Curt Baran.

Pop-rock superstar Olivia Rodrigo arrived in Chicago on Tuesday night with much fanfare on Night One of two sold-out performances as part of her highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Guts World Tour. Rodrigo brought a far bigger and, for lack of a better word, gutsier production than her 2022 Sour tour.

Rodrigo was appropriately joined by opening act and Midwestern art-pop princess Chappell Roan — an equally exuberant act all on her own. Rodrigo’s dedicated crowd ended the evening with a wide array hoarse throats and mascara-stained cheeks to the house that Jordan built. The sequined all-American rockstar performed 24 songs across her two best-selling albums and a winding setlist that showed her early career staying power and chart topping appeal.

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  22. Encore:
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  24. (GUTS (spilled) announced during second verse)


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