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Stage Buzz: EXTC at Reggies, Chicago and SPACE, Evanston

| October 25, 2022

EXTC 2022



Reggies, Chicago

October 26, 2022

SPACE, Evanston

October 28, 2022

Preview and live photos by Phil Solomonson

Last spring, a reboot of English punk/new wave era pop masters XTC toured the states to a positive response from fans. This version, renamed “EXTC,” features original drummer Terry Chambers with a new ensemble of Steve Hampton on guitar, Matt Hughes on bass, and Steve Tilling on guitar and lead vocals.

For purists that tout this isn’t XTC without Andy Partridge or Colin Moulding, they are correct. The band is upfront about the new line-up. To add more credibility to the new version of the band, Partridge has blessed this effort and assisted with the new band name, which recalls the glory of its founders, while also creating a new identity.

For longtime fans hungry to hear XTC’s beloved songs live, the shows have been enthusiastically received. This quartet interprets faithful renditions of favorites from XTC’s songbook (“Making Plans For Nigel,” “Senses Working Overtime”) with the same passion the band displayed four decades ago.

For their fall tour, the band is offering (at their shows) a limited edition live CD from their successful tour from earlier this year. Listening to a preview of the ten-track disc, fans will hear faithful recreations of the classic XTC with a few added twists, all returning this week as a live celebration of all things XTC.


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