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Spins: Caspar Babypants • Easy Breezy

| October 31, 2021

Caspar Babypants

Easy Breezy

(Aurora Elephant Music)

One year following the charming Happy Heart, Presidents of the United States of America frontman Chris Ballew concludes his series of family music albums on a high note. Ballew has announced that Easy Breezy will be his final collection under the name Caspar Babypants, and his 19th since 2003’s Here I Am! These 20 new songs are as whimsical and gentle as ever while being full of spirit and fun. New album art from series artist Kate Endle completes the picture. Story songs like the tale of the wayward “Old Cookie” are designed for parents to sing with their kids aged 0-6 in the car or at home. “I Am a Loose Balloon” could have been a Bakersfield country hit for Buck Owens. The song describes the freedom of a blissful rambler drifting with the wind. “I bet I’ll be the first balloon to land on Mars,” sings Ballew. The jaunty “Put this Monkey to Bed” is a relatable song for any frazzled parent, whether the energetic toddler in question is simian or human. During the rollicking pop song “Two is One More than One,” Ballew makes phone calls to his favorite bird, fish, and squirrel, looking for a friend to share favorite activities like singing, swimming, and dancing (as squirrels are wont to do). The gentle “When I Was Little” is a nostalgic song about Ballew’s childhood, recalling riding bikes, playing chase in the yard, and visiting the house of a best friend on the block whose mom didn’t mind dispensing junk food treats. The shimmering “Snowy Blanket” marvels at the transformed world outside a bedroom window after waking up on a winter morning. After a long and inventive run in the world of Caspar Babypants and with his own children grown, Ballew is pivoting back toward music for grownups. I Am Not Me is also available now via digital platforms. (

– Jeff Elbel

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