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Spins: Local H • LIFERS

| May 1, 2020


Twenty-five years after their debut, Scott Lucas’ Local H continues to defy the odds – not only by producing aggressive music that still matters but by being a band that appeals to both city and suburban crowds. Their musical magnetism continues to be strong across both musical spectrums, and that’s no small feat. LIFERS wasn’t planned for release during a pandemic, but as their live-streamed “at home” record release showed last month, they live for live performances whether there’s a crowd on hand or not. With the constant touring, one would expect that Lucas sees all kinds of characters at his shows, like “Patrick Bateman” (the title character from Bret Easton Ellis’ seminal 1991 novel, American Psycho), who mocks the front-of-the stage bro culture (reminding us of a grown-up version of 1996’s “High Fiving MF”) beneath a barrage of relentless guitars and an avalanche of Ryan Harding’s massive drums. Lead single “Turn the Bow” is a punk “Telstar,” a modern dirge-y reintroduction to the band. It’s the kind of tune that producer Steve Albini finds comforting. What always sets Local H apart is a penchant for mixing sly and erudite melodicism with an undeterred procession of guitars. Still, the poignant “Sunday Best,” shows Lucas can stop and smell the roses, chaperoned by a chiming acoustic guitar and a spare and beautiful melody. After seven years together, Lucas and Harding have settled in and arguably become the best version of Local H. And, when it’s safe to tour again, we’ll welcome them at Metro for a properly sweaty album release show for LIFERS.

8 out of 10

– David Gedge

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