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Photo Gallery: Amanda Palmer at The Chicago Theatre

| April 15, 2019

It’s not often that a concert supplies those in attendance with an escape hatch. Of course, not all performers approach a night out like Amanda Palmer. Before she took the stage at the exquisitely ornate Chicago Theater, a (paraphrased) announcement was made that the evening’s content would contain subject matter that included-but certainly wasn’t limited to-rape, murder, abortion, politics, miscarriages, depression, shrinks, death, Trump and indecision. Palmer, the former (and, perhaps future, as she hinted at one point during the evening) member of the Cabaret Punk duo The Dresden Dolls informed those in attendance that if proceedings became to heavy, simply shout out “Amanda, I’m too sad!”  She would then cut the tension by playing the opening notes of the Dolls’ biggest hit, “Coin-Operated Boy.”

Her emotionally naked storytelling and songwriting caused some half a dozen or so in attendance to employ her fourth wall panic switch. But what they received in return was an evening filled a pointedly honest, biographical performance that could, at times, be almost uncomfortably honest and unchecked.

But, as she pointed out on numerous occasions, the point of art is to go to those “dark” places. She got the balance and tone of the material so right that, if she didn’t exactly bring light to the darkness, at the very least, some beautiful shadows were added.

Words and photos by Curt Baran


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