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Photo Gallery: Tenacious D at The Riviera Theatre

| November 16, 2018

Uptown Chicago was graced with the presence of the self-proclaimed “greatest and best” band in the world Tuesday and Wednesday night. Tenacious D, the comedic folk-metal duo, descended on a sold out Riviera Theatre for two nights of bathroom humor delivered with the contradictory assault of acoustic heaviness. Actors Jack Black and partner Kyle Gass have hit the road for the first time in more than half a decade to support their latest opus Post-Apocolypto. In fact, the entirety of the first set was dedicated to recreating the recording in full.

It found the duo, augmented by a full band, performing behind a translucent screen that also doubled as a projection surface. In between songs, animation that was so rudimentary it made South Park look like high-end Anime, helped propel a story about The “D” saving the world. Their were also dick jokes, pop culture references and no shortage of rapid fire f-bombs.

The second set essentially digressed into the bluest singalong ever, with the D ripping through songs like “Dio,” “Low Hanging Fruit,” “Kielbasa,” “Tribute” and finishing the evening on the lowest-reaching high note “Fuck Her Gently.” NC-17 has never sounded so tuneful.

-Tuesday night Recap and photo gallery by Curt Baran

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