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Stage Buzz: Enuff Z’Nuff at House of Blues

| October 19, 2018

Enuff Z’Nuff 2018


Chicago power-pop rockers Enuff Z’Nuff have returned, although, they never really went away. “We’ve somehow stayed relevant a little bit, and I think it’s because we didn’t stop playing,” bassist/vocalist Chip Z’Nuff said about the band’s longevity during a recent phone call. “We kept putting music out every year or two, and we toured around the country playing songs. And I think it’s paid dividends.“

Formed in 1984, Enuff Z’Nuff enjoyed decent notoriety with the release of its 1989 self-titled debut album, spawning two massive hits, “New Thing” and the follow-up ballad, “Fly High Michelle,” receiving massive airplay on the radio and MTV. More of a power-pop band in the tradition of The Beatles, David Bowie and Cheap Trick, Enuff Z’Nuff usually got lumped into the glam/hair metal genre that was in full force during the ’80s.

The band’s 14th full-length album, Diamond Boy (Frontiers Music Srl) – their first in eight years –  is another tasty little nugget to add to the Enuff Z’nuff collection. “[With] this new record, I hope I see a trajectory of where we’re at as a band right now,” Z’nuff said. “It’s another shot in the arm and going out there and letting people know that we’re still alive.”

With the latest departure of original vocalist Donnie Vie (who left the band twice before), Z’nuff takes over lead vocal duties with flying colors. “I think I’m in a position right now that I had no choice,” he said. “Donnie said to me if we were going to move forward with Enuff Z’nuff that I should sing the songs. So I took his advice. But little did I know that it’d [sic] get the response and the love that it’s received right now.”  The rest of the band includes guitarists Tony Fennell and Tory Stoffregen, and drummer Daniel Benjamin Hill.

Diamond Boy peaked at No. 33 on Billboard’s U.S. Indie chart and No. 49 on its U.K. Indie chart. Z’nuff couldn’t be happier. “For the first time in I can’t tell you in how long, we have a brand new record charting in conjunction with a new tour going around the country playing these songs out for two and a half months,” he said. “That’s something I wouldn’t have put my money on years ago. But we’re fucking back, and I’m excited about that.”

When it came time to record Diamond Boy, Z’Nuff felt confident in the 11 tracks that make up the album. “I had an idea of how I was going to do this, and it was just a matter of making the record,” he said. “When we were recording the record, we made sure we captured all the bells and whistles of what the song was about. I just put the songs together and then look at it as one concrete record, where you can listen to it all the way through. And all the songs seem to work together. Maybe there’s something on there when people hear this record, and it’ll trip their trigger, and they’ll be excited and want to come out and see a live show.”

SiriusXM is presenting the Hair Nation Tour 2018, featuring Jack Russell’s Great White, Bullet Boys, and Enuff Z’Nuff. Hosted by Eddie Trunk, the tour makes its way to Chicago’s House of Blues on Oct. 25. Z’Nuff said there’s nothing like playing in Chicago. “We get to come out to our hometown and play a big show. It elevates our perception, and it’s a nice boost for the band,” he continues. “I look at the [tour] dates; 42 dates in 46 days. It’s a lot of hard work, but I welcome the challenge. I think the shows are going to be kicking ass every single night, and I can’t wait to hang out with the fans out there!”

 Enuff Z’nuff plays at House of Blues on Thursday, October 25. (with Jack Russell’s Great White, Bulletboys)

-Kelley Simms

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  1. Len Vallone says:

    Chip is one hard working son of a gun! Continued good luck on this busy tour!