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| August 29, 2008

Mr. Poularity

This just in from Atlantic Records: Rapper T.I. now has more than 2 million Myspace friends! In an unprecedented, “record-breaking” accomplishment, the Atlanta rapper blew past the milepost, prompting his label to tell press the news. It really is amazing, if you think about it, because it’s not like just anyone can be Myspace buddies with T.I.: Imagine the intense screening process folks like LoViN sOmEoNe ElSe Is SpEcIaL!! (who wants T.I. to sign her guestbook), Money Millz Da Don (who has a “remixxxxxx freestyle to wat ever” T.I. likes) and SAPD’s Finest (whose birthday is coming up and hopes the MC will be her date) had to pass to become one of the chosen 2,048,532 (updated as of press time). The news makes Illinois Entertainer and our 540 Myspace friends look worthless. Quick! Go to and befriend us. We’ll start drafting the press release!

We Miss ‘Em Already

IE have less than 600 Myspace friends, but Twin Wrecks The Memory were among the first, and for that we’ll always have a special connection with the South Side band. So it’s with tears in our eyes and aches in our hearts we announce the group played their final show August 29th at Empty Bottle. After four years, the “Best Of Around Hear” alumni called it quits and shoved it down everyone’s throats by releasing a new record, Suffer And Sell, the same day as their farewell gig. If the whole record is as good as the stuff available online, they went out with a big f’n bang. FYI: reached via e-mail, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Paveza promised a new TWTM project soon.

Some Like It Hot

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider once called our office for an interview while we were on the can. Then he was totally cool about it when he called back. That’s because Dee Snider is a professional, friends. Remember that when you scoff at the idea of him writing a Broadway musical. Last month, the world’s ugliest tranny told syndicated rock-radio host Ralph Sutton he has finished the script to a Broadway production based on Twisted Sister’s 2006 Twisted Christmas (where the group “metalized” Christmas classics) that will be called either A Twisted Christmas or The Twisted Christmas – A Musical and will be a combination of the Christmas album, songs from Sister’s past, and new tunes. Snider and his bandmates plan to enter a studio in early ’09 to begin recording the new material, their first since 1987. The goal, apparently, is to eventually have a Blue Man Group-type setup and spread Twisted Sister musicals all over the country during the holiday season. Merry Christmas to us!

Staple Of A Healthy Diet

The live album Mavis Staples recorded in June at Hideout will arrive at stores in November. Anti will release the career-spanning Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout on Election Day, but we’re holding out hope for a companion DVD to try and catch a glimpse of IE Editor Steve Forstneger scarfing down tamales courtesy of the vendor who snuck in during the legendary gospel/soul singer’s performance.

— Trevor Fisher

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