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Photo Gallery: Bikini Kill at Salt Shed • Chicago

| April 23, 2023

Bikini Kill
Salt Shed
Chicago, IL
April 22, 2023

Recap and photos by Curt Baran

Unfortunately, Bikini Kill is more relevant than ever. The Olympia, Washington band formed in the early 90s and were the torch bearers for what would soon be dubbed the Riot Grrrl movement. From their inception, they possessed a manifesto that fought against misogyny and homophobia and expanded rights and protections for the marginalized who reside on the fringes. The quartet disbanded in 1997, with members, chiefly among them lead singer Kathleen Hanna, pursuing other projects.

When they reunited once again in 2019, it felt less like a money grab and more like a reminder that a majority of their successes with social change were being dismantled by a rapidly changing political landscape. The reinvigorated foursome took the stage at Chicago’s Salt Shed this past weekend to remind both the faithful (as well as a younger demographic who’ve obviously been baptized by the band’s aura of inclusiveness) that rock and roll can still be a galvanizing weapon for change. And when all else fails, at its core, it can provide a brief respite from life’s heaviness and simply a great night out.


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