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Rock ‘n’ Roll Repasts

It’s showtime and the performance lands smack-dab into the dinner hour. You haven’t eaten since you scarfed down the stale peanut butter & cheese crackers from the vending machine for lunch and you don’t want to hit another fast food chain. Should you eat beforehand or afterwards? What’s open? What’s nearby? Does the venue have food (Dinner And A Show), and if so, is it any good? Fear not fellow concertheads, IE hit the streets to answer these questions, and oh so much more.

Here’s our database of unique spots that offer affordable eats and are located nearby music venues throughout Chicagoland. Check out our recommendations where we provide some helpful information: can I hoof it or do I need some transportation? (each recommended location is less than one mile away from the venue, unless otherwise indicated), the average price for a meal, what the specialty is (Best Bet), and whether it’s best to eat beforehand (Early Eats) or is there somewhere to nosh that’s open late night (Aftershow Party). In addition, we reviewed a few of our top picks of venues that serve up the hottest acts along with some great cuisine. So get ready to eat, drink, and rock out with these rock ‘n’ roll repasts.



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