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Question: Do you review local CDs?
Answer: Yes, IE reviews every local CD we receive. Since 1974, we have reviewed over 30,000 local demos, singles, albums, cassettes and CDs. Please be aware, because of the volume of local CDs we review, it can take up to 3 to 5 months for your review to appear in print and online. We require your CD contains a minimum of 3 songs of original material. Send vinyl or CDs for review to: IE Around Hear, 4223 W. Lake St, Suite 420 (seriously!), Chicago, IL 60624. Digital music links should be emailed to (minimum 3 songs please).

Question: What do you consider a local?
Answer: Our definition of local is the entire state of Illinois, SE Wisconsin, NW Indiana and SW Michigan. Bands who are self-releasing their own CDs out of our geographic area will most likely not be reviewed because of space limitations.

I represent an indie band from Fargo, North Dakota, that is just getting started in the music business. Will you review our music?
Thanks for your inquiry on IE CD Reviews. Because your band is not from our geographic area, chances are relatively low we will have space and time to review your music. You can send it our way and we will have a listen, but we want to be honest and let you know we will most likely not be able to review your music. Thanks for your understanding.

Question: My band is a cover band. Will you review our demo?
Answer: Though your band may be the best cover band in the Midwest, we don’t review cover band demos. Space limitations don’t allow us to review cover bands.

Question: How do I get my live music dates listed in your calendar section?
Answer: Send your live music listings to by the 15th of the month preceding publication (ie: July 15th for August issue), and if space allows IE will list it at no charge in our online and print live music calendar.

Question: Can I copy ads out of Illinois Entertainer?
Answer: The quick answer is no. Ads appearing in IE are copyrighted by the publication and in many cases, by the graphic artist that produced it. When in doubt, please email us to make arrangements to have an ad reproduced as a flyer, postcard or to be reproduced online.