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Tell us what’s on your mind for our club guide issue.

What’s your favorite place to see a show, grab some booze, or simply hang out? We want to know! However, as with life, there are a couple simple rules:

The club must have live music at least once a week, all year long. Also, it must be a club, not a concert venue. Example: Aragon, Vic, and Allstate Arena are venues. It doesn’t mean they’re not swell places and fill our hearts with joy, but we’re looking for clubs only.

Answer only the questions you want and ignore the rest. After all, we don’t expect hardcore city dwellers to know all the suburban clubs and vice versa. Just have fun! Keep in mind, some readers’ comments will be posted when the results are published in November, so fill out your name, email, etc. below if you want your voice heard. Don’t worry, phone numbers and email addresses won’t be printed.

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